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April 2024

April Book Purchase Initiative

During the month of April, 220 Publishing will donate a portion of all book sales to @paveinfo in support of survivors of sexual assault. Please support this important cause by making your online purchase this month. You can find 220 Publishing books at all major online retailers.

For each book sold in the month of April, 220 Publishing has generously committed to donating $0.50 for the first 50 titles and $1.00 for every title sold thereafter. This initiative encompasses all the captivating titles available in our catalog, covering a diverse range of genres and themes.

Lessons for the Little Boy
I Will Overcome : A Story of Love, Hope & Forgiveness
A Single Woman’s Parenting Journey
Faith, Failure, Success Volume 4: I Am, I Can, I Will
Case # 1988
You Wrote It, Now Go Sell It - 2nd Edition
Lying? Yoyo Don't Play That
Experiencing Grace
Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 3
I Said What I Said
“We Dream” – Understanding God’s Voice in the Night
Fruit Circle
Love Miscarriage Healing By Design
Faith, Failure, Success : Stories from the Entrepreneurial Journey
L.O.V.E. for Teen Moms
Ladies Let's Talk
Millionaire M.O.M.
Making Love Better Begins Within
Pink Pantie Confessions
2Hard 2Break
Life is Your Party... With a Little Pixie Dust
The Entrepreneur Within You
Chasing the Silver Lining
The Long Way Home
The Business of Love
Raising Your Daughters
The Entrepreneur Within You 2
Open Boxes
The Power of Fifty
Space Boys Meet the Moon Bully
The Love of Debbie La'treck
Lessons for the Little Girl 2
Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 2
The Sangrita Club
Time Signature
Time Signature II
Trusting the Tingles
Maximize your Monday
Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen
UnCommonly Common
Wisdom in Pieces
Gate to Life
Yours and Mine