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Olivia DeMoss

Born in Paris, France, Olivia is a citizen of the World. She lived in many places on three continents and spent twelve years in Central Western Africa before moving to the USA where she now resides in Arizona.

Olivia has been a glass artist most of her life, creating unique pieces that sold all over the world and was the recipient of a first prize award for the whole territory of Gabon, Africa. She used to teach stained glass and glass mosaic at the Phoenix Center for the Arts and at her home based studio, where her classes were "Glass, home made soup and wine", a great combination!

Olivia DeMoss is a high productivity consultant, a stress tamer, a holistic happiness wiz, a joy catalyst, and an authority on "Joie de vivre" (the joy of living).

She has always been an advocate for animals, the Planet and the environment and when she is not working or writing, she tends to her beautiful garden. Olivia is a 3 times best selling author.

About the Book

Faith, Failure, Success: Stories Along the Entrepreneurial Journey

Faith, Failure, Success is an inspiring, informative and much-needed blueprint for maneuvering through life's journey. Each author offers a personal and unique perspective that encourages readers to embrace their faith, find value in their failure and pursue success in a way that brings fulfillment and inner peace. Faith, Failure, Success compels readers to never give up on yourself and remain committed to your life's purpose and goals. Whether you are pursuing a new career, starting a new business or simply wanting to live a more meaningful life, Faith, Failure, Success offers the tools and insight needed to use your faith to overcome failure and ultimately find success. Contributors include: Leonard Mogul, Olivia DeMoss, Pierre DeBois, Glenn R. Murray, Samantha Danielle, Mel Roberson. Foreword by Latresa Rice.

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