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220 Publishing has over 45 titles published under our imprint with thousands of units sold. Many authors, including first timers, come to us using their own imprint to enter the exciting world of "published author."

220 books are printed on demand. Authors can select global distribution if desired for every genre. Our authors have produced compelling and diverse literature that has been hailed by readers and even sometimes awarded for it.



For almost a decade, 220 Publishing has guided authors through the publishing process from strategy, to cover and interior book design/formatting, to print and marketing producing professional looking books. Recently, we developed a menu of services with pricing to give you a better sense of what you might need.

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220 Publishing has virtual teams that serve authors in editing, graphic design, project management, events, marketing and whatever else an author chooses from our a la carte services. Peruse some of our authors profiles and learn more about the books we have published by the amazing writers who have partnered with us.

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In the past, 220 Publishing has provided unique opportunities for both writing and appearance opportunities with our authors as they come to us.  Additionally, we have sponsored our own events for authors like book brunch conferences, podcasts, and casual book lover events like "books and bottles." We are always open to expanding our authors' networks.

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Since 1993

Professional Help As You Need It

Maintain your freedom to self-publish with the backing of a professional operations team as a Private Label with 220 Publishing. Several of our authors’ titles have received 5-star reviews from national book clubs. Two authors have been recognized for their work with industry literary awards. It makes sense– 220 is short for "second to none" which means we have great people writing great stories. And a great team to support them by delivering products and services that go above and beyond expectations.

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Next Step?

Writing a book is just the beginning of the publishing process, but we are here to help regardless of where you might already be in the publishing production process:

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Editing and Approval
  • Cover and Interior Design/Formatting
  • Launch Plans and Execution
  • Promotions

From contract to launch, count on a timeline of three months or so when seeking full end-to-end production services. A potential book launch date will be extended even further if professional review submissions and/or award considerations are pursued– adding an additional 3-6 months. Even if seeking minimal services, reach out to our team today and let us know more about your book project and how we can help you to get started.