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Mel Roberson

Mel Roberson is a six-time Amazon best selling author, accomplished actor, and dynamic speaker.
Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Mel is the perfect blend of street smarts and book smarts. Mel was a victim of gun violence during his senior year of high school. That traumatic event changed his life, and propelled him forward. He has a B.S. in Political Science, post graduate studies in Integrated Marketing Communications, and dual MBAs in Management and HR. He has spoken in front of crowds from 5 to 15,000 delivering relatable personal and professional development talks for 15+ years.

He brings to THG a broad and strategic approach with proven experience working with C-suite executives to transform their business. He is equally skilled at evaluating tactical lapses and working with team members closer to the front lines. This combined approach allows him to quickly assess a situation and determine the best solution.

Author's Books

Lessons For the Little Boy Summary

What does it mean to be a man? For many, that definition and description may vary.

Lessons For the Little Boy presents the stories of 13 amazing men ranging in age from 23-66. They share their transparent stories of dreams, hopes, struggles and successes. Through their personal reflections you will experience their journey in life, love, business, friendship, family, and fatherhood.

We invite you to journey with these men, embracing the lessons they have learned on their paths to, from and through manhood.

Their stories are not just just for men and young men, but for anyone who desires to seek to learn life lessons through the eyes of men.

Faith, Failure, Success: Stories Along the Entrepreneurial Journey

Faith, Failure, Success is an inspiring, informative and much-needed blueprint for maneuvering through life's journey. Each author offers a personal and unique perspective that encourages readers to embrace their faith, find value in their failure and pursue success in a way that brings fulfillment and inner peace. Faith, Failure, Success compels readers to never give up on yourself and remain committed to your life's purpose and goals. Whether you are pursuing a new career, starting a new business or simply wanting to live a more meaningful life, Faith, Failure, Success offers the tools and insight needed to use your faith to overcome failure and ultimately find success. Contributors include: Leonard Mogul, Olivia DeMoss, Pierre DeBois, Glenn R. Murray, Samantha Danielle, Mel Roberson. Foreword by Latresa Rice.

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