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Andrea Wright
Andrea Wright

At the University of Illinois, Andrea majored in Psychology and Advertising. She began a successful corporate career ranging from Customer Service Manger to AVP Marketing at Nations Bank. She didn't write again until 2002 when waking from a dream, she felt compelled to put pen to paper. Andrea uses her life and career coaching skills to motivate her staff to be the best they can be, contributing to the company (by way of promotion) or personally (returning to school).

Andrea received her BA degree from the University of Illinois (Psychology/Advertising) and studied at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Career/Life Coaching). Coupled with a love for life and a caring heart, Andrea has the know-how to creatively coax the best out of her clients. If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, there’s no better person to help you get back on the Wright path.

A 15 year veteran of Corporate America, Andrea Wright has been successfully promoted to roles ranging from Customer Service Manager to Digital Marketing Director to Assistant Vice President managing order entry staff, Assistant Managers as well as Sr. Managers in the following industries: finance, pharmaceutical and corporate retail. You can find her published articles in The Chicago Tribune, Associated Content, The RedEye Chicago, and  ChicagoNow.com

About the Book

Trusting the Tingles

Trusting the Tingles Summary

In life we experience moments: some are more unique than others and many are hard to communicate in words. They’re better described as a feeling and, sometimes, they come across as a chill, thrill or a tingle:

  • Meeting someone for the first time and they feel familiar in some way
  • Hearing a song that captures the exact message you need to hear at that moment
  • Waking from a dream, and knowing there was a message there for you, or maybe a visit from a loved one

As a life coach, she's witnessed many of the moments. Using examples from her life, she explores the many ways we experience tingles. In Trusting the Tingles, she created exercises to help you identify what your environment is telling you to help you navigate your life and get you on your right path.

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