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Latresa Rice
Latresa Rice

Considered an AIDS orphan by society, Latresa Rice is a dynamic motivational speaker and an esteemed professional. Over the past 16 years, Ms. Rice has been empowering young people and adults who have faced personal struggles to push beyond the barriers they face in life and possess their dreams.

In 1999, Ms. Rice graduated from Martin Luther King Jr. Sr. (MLK) High School in the top three percent of her graduating class. From 1999-2006, Ms. Rice traveled to middle schools and high schools within Wayne County to speak to students about how to be successful in college, conflict resolution and various other topics. In August of 2004, she graduated with high academics from the University of Michigan-Dearborn (U of M-Dearborn). Ms. Rice received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Psychology. Her second major was Communications, particularly the Public Relations/Corporate Business track.

In April of 2006, Ms. Rice received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan (U of M) - Ann Arbor. Her majors were "Management of Human Services" and "Community and Social Systems" with a minor in "Community Organizing". In 2009, Ms. Rice established "It's Time Enterprises (ITE)" as her vehicle to continue her pursuit to empower others to push beyond the barriers they face in life and possess their dreams and became a minister at Spirit & Truth Christian Ministries, where she preached her initial sermon. In 2011, she recorded a ringtone called "Thank You Haters"- designed to empower others to turn negativity into positivity.
In 2014, she published her first book titled, "Gate to Life: You Choose the Life that You Shall Experience", received a Master of Science Administration degree from Central Michigan University (CMU) in General Administration and a Human Resource Administration certificate, and was elected as a delegate for Precinct 5 of the city of Westland, Michigan. Today, Ms. Rice provides therapeutic services to youth, writes books, serves as a Publicist for BleSseD (A Christian Artist) and delivers power-packed motivational speeches designed to inform, inspire, and motivate others to walk in their destiny by overcoming the obstacles that are placed before them. Recently, she delivered a keynote speech to the students at Burns Elementary school during their graduation ceremony, was a presenter at the "Woman Who Inspire" meeting and taught a workshop regarding the choice to be free at SJM Ministries "Set Me Free" women's conference.

Author's Books

Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 2

Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 2: Surviving the Storm, the second edition in the Faith Failure Success Book Series, features six talented contributors (Cynda Williams, Nicole Reed, Latresa Rice, Martha Chavez, Vania Hudson and Erika Summers) sharing their personal stories of overcoming tremendous mental, physical and life altering experiences to find life beyond their respective "storms". Poignant, heart wrenching and still inspirational, the stories will make you cheer for each woman as they continue to press forward. They remind us that no matter the storm we face, it's the faith, the mindset and the will power that brings us through it. The authors share stories of mental breakdowns, cancer battles, family challenges and much more throughout their lives. From the first chapter until the last, you'll never forget these powerful women.

Gate to Life Summary

A captivating Autobiography of a dynamic woman who was once depressed, violent and consistently making poor choices. As a youth, she faced a multitude of emotional barriers which included the loss of her mother to AIDS at the age of seven and the discovery of her father's undisclosed sexuality by witnessing a sexual encounter between him and an individual she thought was her uncle. During a turning point in her life, she heeded the advice of her maternal grandmother and received the clues necessary to overcome depression, fear, anger and rage in order to live a prosperous life. Considered an AIDS orphan by society, Ms. Rice demonstrates in this book how you can rise above adversity and walk in victory. She also paints a vivid picture of the importance of making the right choices as she reminds us that our actions affect more than just us.

Fruit Circle Summary

A lifetime of good health is tied to our consumption of fruit and other nutritious items. Just like our bodies need fruit daily to prevent sickness and function properly, it is also essential that we partake of spiritual fruit daily to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Fruit Circle is a phenomenal manual that teaches youth the importance of consuming both natural fruit and spiritual fruit to experience the abundance of life promised by God in the scriptures.

Throughout this manual, you will be able to quiz your youth and see examples of creative techniques you can use to teach them detailed information on why eating each aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is essential to our daily lives. Let's learn to eat for life together as we embark on this circular journey.

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