About Dwana Whitaker

Dwana Whitaker was born and raised in Memphis, Tenn. She is a loving wife of 23yrs to her husband Bishop Kevin Whitaker and proud mother of 5 beautiful daughters. Family stands as the cornerstone of her life. She’s very compassionate about what she does and tries to make an impact on the lives of those that she has touched. Nursing is not just a career to her, but it’s a calling. Besides nursing as a ministry, she also has a call on her life to minister the word of God and has done that for over 20yrs motivating  and uplifting those who are in dark places also to empower people to walk in their destiny. She pastors alongside her husband at EPIC Church Atlanta International Ministries. With almost 27 years of devoted service in nursing, Dwana’s career reflects her unwavering commitment. Within the ranks of the nursing profession, Dwana has held numerous leadership and management positions in Tennessee and Georgia, where she has assisted in guiding facilities towards better standards and higher levels of excellence. Her humble upbringing instilled qualities of strength, boldness and confidence. She is now an accomplished author with her new book, I’m A Bad Woman where she encourages women and lets her audience know that all things are possible with God and you don’t have to go through alone.

Author's Book

I’m A Bad Woman

This book is a story of resilience; it's a story of perseverance. It details a woman who overcame the odds of growing up in a single parent home. Apostle Dwana tells her story with passion and clarity, showing the true strength of a woman leader, or "First Lady". The term "First Lady" means she's a leader in the church but also a leader in life. In this book you will learn principles that will assist you in overcoming the strains and struggles of life, relationships, and careers.

I'm A Bad Woman shows you what it takes to break through and ultimately become or evolve into what you've been called and designed to be. It will give you the spiritual tools needed to fight against opposition and obstacles to overcome fear, doubt and discouragement. This book will inspire you to relentlessly go after your dreams by igniting your faith and not allowing anything, and I mean anything, stop you! After you read this, you'll be encouraged to overcome heartbreak, career struggles, relationship challenges and the overall curves that life can and will throw your way. You'll be able to bounce back from setbacks, holdbacks and even failures. This book will encourage you to look inside and realize you are good enough and have what it takes to succeed. So sit back, relax, grab some snacks, your book and let's go!!️