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Robert Hazzard
Robert Hazzard

The Hazzard Group, LLC
Client focused… solution driven

Robert Hazzard is managing director of The Hazzard Group (THG), which is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping small and medium size companies solve their business problems with mobility solutions.

A technology nerd with a taste for solving business process problems, Robert skillfully connects the right mobile application to specific, even niche needs, allowing clients to realize efficiencies.

With skills honed over 17 years at AT&T and across multiple industries prior to that, Robert has shattered sales goals to the tune of 140%+ resulting in numerous circle of excellence award trips; created sales training programs for new hires; toured company circuits to speak on the importance of having a mobile strategy – proving his technical knowledge and leadership skills.

He brings to THG a broad and strategic approach with proven experience working with C-suite executives to transform their business. He is equally skilled at evaluating tactical lapses and working with team members closer to the front lines. This combined approach allows him to quickly assess a situation and determine the best solution.

Robert’s office is in Chicago, IL but his reach and client base expands several major cities. Contact THG today, for a no-cost consultation and allow us to create a mobile solution designed to address your needs.

Author's Book

Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 3: TURNING POINT

The moment or moments that change us forever.

Join us as we present the stories of 5 individuals from very different walks of life sharing the wisdom that comes only come from reaching that life shifting turning point.

Join contributors Ashvin Lad, Benita Johnson, Tammy Lyn Connors, Rodger B. Jackson Jr., and Robert Hazzard Jr. as they share intimate details about the times that changed their lives forever.

“Faith, Failure, Success Volume 3 - Turning Point” releases Aug 7th, 2022 from 220 Publishing to book retailers everywhere.

Lessons For the Little Boy Summary

What does it mean to be a man? For many, that definition and description may vary.

Lessons For the Little Boy presents the stories of 13 amazing men ranging in age from 23-66. They share their transparent stories of dreams, hopes, struggles and successes. Through their personal reflections you will experience their journey in life, love, business, friendship, family, and fatherhood.

We invite you to journey with these men, embracing the lessons they have learned on their paths to, from and through manhood.

Their stories are not just just for men and young men, but for anyone who desires to seek to learn life lessons through the eyes of men.

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