About the Illustrator

Joe Groshek is an accomplished artist and illustrator. He is most famous for his illustrations in the Donald Driver "Quickie" Series. His children's book illustrations are beloved by children for their vibrant depictions and detailed hand-drawn talent. Joe resides in Wisconsin.

About the Book

The Space Boys Meet the Moon Bully!

Space Boys Meet the Moon Bully Summary

The Adventures of the Space Boys is an exciting new series of children's books written by James L. Papandrea and illustrated by Joe Groshek. The first book in the series, The Space Boys Meet The Moon Bully, will teach children about the five senses, and that we all have different talents and abilities. The main theme of the book will give children an example of a constructive approach to dealing with bullying, emphasizing communication and forgiveness. Just like every other book in the series to come, The Space Boys Meet the Moon Bully ends with a page of valuable discussion questions - led by the Space Boys’ faithful dog Chuck - that will help parents and teachers talk to kids about bullying.

The book is great for all children whose parents and teachers are reading to them, as well as those who are learning to read, up to about 11 years old. The hand-drawn illustrations are vibrant and fun, and the rhyming story will instill an important life lesson in young children. Learn the Space Boys’ motto: Be quick to say, “Sorry," be quick to forgive, and you’ll always have friends, as long as you live."

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