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Eric Hampton
Eric Hampton

Eric Hampton and Jennifer, his beautiful wife, love raising their amazing sons, Ethan and Jacob, in the Chicago-land area.

Eric is also a church planter who understands the importance of God, family, community and culture.

With several years of experience serving as a founding senior pastor and executive pastor, Eric is also a ministry consultant for pastors, leaders, and churches. He also enjoys being a leadership podcast host that reaches and coaches spiritual and secular audiences.

Gifted in preaching, leadership, and administration, Eric has also earned a formal, graduate level education, and has earned certifications in Church Administration, Leadership, Nonprofit Management, Organizational Development, and Nonprofit Governance.

Eric has a sincere passion for the work of the church, not simply church work.

Author's Book

Lessons For the Little Boy Summary

What does it mean to be a man? For many, that definition and description may vary.

Lessons For the Little Boy presents the stories of 13 amazing men ranging in age from 23-66. They share their transparent stories of dreams, hopes, struggles and successes. Through their personal reflections you will experience their journey in life, love, business, friendship, family, and fatherhood.

We invite you to journey with these men, embracing the lessons they have learned on their paths to, from and through manhood.

Their stories are not just just for men and young men, but for anyone who desires to seek to learn life lessons through the eyes of men.

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