About Tommy Talley

Tommy was born on August 11, 1993 to his parents Tommy & Norma. His twin sister Christina, did not survive. For Tommy, it was something he carried quietly with him. A quiet child, he was always inquisitive and creative, but life wasn’t always easy for him. His parents struggled with addiction and gang activity; poverty and limited resources created an environment of abuse... one Tommy would learn to navigate and survive, but the trauma and scars stayed with him. While at North Park University, Tommy underwent a transformation. He found a deeper understanding of God, and he found his calling — to serve others. When COVID hit, it gave everyone the opportunity to reset. During that time, Tommy had an epiphany — he knew it was time to be intentional with his service, make it broader, have it be meaningful, base it in community, and help others. That’s how “Tommy Talks” was born.

The Tommy Talks community is built on collaboration with community leaders and organizations, business owners and friendships. To date, Tommy Talks has hosted over 2 dozen events and counting such as our pop-up series, You Are Not AloneLight the NightLet’s Go Fishing, and various wellness events to name a few. As a survivor of child abuse, Tommy knew he had a message to share. He decided putting pen to paper was the only way to share his story. Tommy knew telling it would be traumatic, but it would also be the vehicle by which to help others and begin the healing process – thus came his debut release, I Will Overcome: A Story of Love, Hope & Forgiveness.

Author's Book

I Will Overcome : A Story of Love, Hope & Forgiveness

Since he was a child, Tommy always dreamed of a better life. To cope with the narcotic and alcohol addictions, physical and verbal abuse, and poverty he faced as a child, he learned to retreat to quiet places in nature where he could relax and be still. Tommy faced many challenges growing up and by the time he became a teenager, had to overcome issues of low self-esteem and learn forgiveness so he could begin healing from his past.

In I Will Overcome: A Story of Love, Hope & Forgiveness, readers will journey with Tommy as he overcame the trials of his past to realize he had potential and could achieve more than he thought possible. He dared to believe in himself and pursue his goals and dreams, and through his story, Tommy hopes to inspire others to do the same!