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Carlo Kennedy
Carlo Kennedy

Carlo Kennedy is an Irish-Italian-American author. He is author of the Time Signature books, "Time Signature," and "Time Signature II: The Regrets of Our Past." It's a new and unique spin on time travel - THE TIME MACHINE RUNS ON MUSIC! Play a song in the Resonator's retro 8-track tape deck, and the Resonator travels back to the time and place of the very first performance of that song. Of course, it hardly ever works right, and people almost never end up where or when they intended.

About the Books

Time Signature

Time Signature Summary

Chris Agnello is a struggling musician and loner college student who dreads the future, lives in the past, and longs for a mentor. When his physicist sister builds a time machine that runs on music, he tries to use it to go back to the 1980's, but instead finds himself farther back in the past than he bargained for - stuck in the 1700's - on a journey of self discovery, and running for his life. To get back to his own time, he must find a way to get from Dublin to London in time to catch his ride home... but in the meantime, he might just have found his future in the past. Sci-fi and time travel fans will love this new and unique perspective on time travel. Fans of historical fiction will love the deeply human characters, the surprising realism of their journey, and the heartwarming love story

Time Signature II: The Regrets of Our Past

Time Signature II Summary

Time Signature II: The Regrets of Our Past is the much-anticipated sequel to Time Signature, by Irish-Italian-American author Carlo Kennedy. This is the continuing story of the adventures of struggling musician Chris Agnello, his genius sister Sofia, her best friend Sara, and their mysterious cousin Jimmy - as well as the O'Connells who came from the 18th century.

Will Jimmy be able to change the past and save his parents from the accident that killed them over twenty years earlier? And what happens when a young African American woman is accidentally thrown back into the past - into the south in 1876? Can Sofia use the time machine to save her before she becomes a victim of the lust and greed of powerful men, and before the arrival of a terrible epidemic that will kill thousands of people? And what happens when the time machine is stolen by a power-hungry and mob-connected politician? How will they stop him from changing the past and owning the future? The answer is a parallel set of harrowing adventures through 1870s Savannah, and 1970s Savannah and Jamaica.

Time travel fans and music lovers alike will revel in this unique story about a time machine that runs on music. Fans of historical fiction and all lovers of adventure will connect with the historical characters and situations, and cheer for the heroes as they play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with killers, mobsters, and the corrupt and powerful. The Time Signature books provide an interactive experience, if the reader should desire.

In Time Signature II: The Regrets of Our Past, the reader can use the internet to listen to the songs mentioned in the chapter titles and performances in the story, then read the lyrics and see how they might be relevant to the story. Or the reader can look up a map of Savannah, GA, and follow the heroes as they run for their lives through the streets of historic Savannah. Or just skip all that and dive into the book old-school style. And if you haven't read the first book, no worries, mon - Time Signature II begins with a "Who's Who" to introduce the reader to the characters from Time Signature, and tell you what you need to know to read the sequel.

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