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Bishop Kevin
Bishop Kevin

For nearly a quarter of a century, Bishop Kevin has been serving in the Ministry in various capacities. Whitaker is the former pastor of the Historical Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. He and his wife founded and led Raising the Standard International Ministries for eleven years and are currently the pastors and founders of Epic Church Atlanta International located in Douglasville, Georgia. Over the years, Bishop Whitaker has hosted his own radio show on 1600 AM in Memphis, Tennessee as well as hosted his very own telecast on Good News TV. He has been featured on TBN, TV 57 in Atlanta, Majesty Now Network in Waycross Georgia, as well as on the Word Network.

Bishop Kevin Whitaker is also noted for publishing his first book, 2 Hard 2 Break, in 2015. This book allotted him several opportunities to share his personal deliverance story and truly define the idea of turning one’s life around. Because of this book, his reach expanded beyond Christian platforms into secular radio programs as well. During this time, he was also a guest panelist at DePaul University and he has become a valuable contributor to several other books.

Bishop Whitaker has been instrumental in partnering with the Girls and Boys Club of America to have peace rallies; including the head of the gang unit, the District Attorney, and also former gang leaders. He has worked diligently in the school system doing gang intervention with troubled youth providing guidance and motivation to complete school and prayerfully attend college.

In 2017, Apostle Kevin Whitaker was duly consecrated into the office of Bishop with Apostolic Succession and is a member of the joint college of African American Bishops. As an Apostle, he serves as a gift to the body traveling nationally and abroad to preach the gospel. The mantle on his life invigorates those around him to be the best they can be. He serves as a Mentor and Spiritual Father to other pastors providing Apostolic covering and is considered by many as a true servant leader. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and Certified Master Chaplain.

Bishop Whitaker has accomplished great things, and the greatest above all is being married to his wife for twenty years and being the father of five daughters.

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Lessons For the Little Boy Summary

What does it mean to be a man? For many, that definition and description may vary.

Lessons For the Little Boy presents the stories of 13 amazing men ranging in age from 23-66. They share their transparent stories of dreams, hopes, struggles and successes. Through their personal reflections you will experience their journey in life, love, business, friendship, family, and fatherhood.

We invite you to journey with these men, embracing the lessons they have learned on their paths to, from and through manhood.

Their stories are not just just for men and young men, but for anyone who desires to seek to learn life lessons through the eyes of men.

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