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Jennifer Bridgeforth
Jennifer Bridgeforth

Jennifer Bridgeforth is a well known radio host, consultant, and motivational speaker.  Known as the “Relationship Architect”, Jennifer provides relationship, empowerment, and business strategy advice to a multitude of followers from middle school classrooms to Fortune 500 boardrooms. She discusses transforming your personal and professional lives through experiences, choices, and faith.

As the founder of JBE/The Phoenix Group, she has created "a people and results centered business movement" that dedicates itself to inspiring people prepared from change on the world. She developed a comprehensive approach to relationship advancement that affects the main components of one's personal and professional life with the 360 degree approach. She creates strategic empowerment programming for seminars at Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and schools around the country. She also produces audio and video content on healthy relationships, transitional career planning and envisioning a life beyond your circumstances.

As a witness of domestic violence, Jennifer dedicates her volunteer time to working with survivors through shelters and online networks. She is a communications graduate from Bradley University with over 20 years of corporate management, sales, and entrepreneurial experience. Jennifer currently lives in Chicago.

About the Book

Wisdom in Pieces- Motivational Moments for Real Life

Wisdom in Pieces Summary

Wisdom in Pieces is a collection of inspirational motivations that come from real world experiences. From failing your way to success to unearthing the diamonds of your life, it is filled with real life stories of turning pain to passion and indecision to clarity.

Wisdom in Pieces discusses the true meaning of our innate ability to completely change our experiences from the inside out. It shifts our expectations of depending on others for our ‘big breakthrough’, and discusses how we must first realize that what we attract is what we experience. It emphasizes the good news that the change we need is already within us, and how the worst experiences can be the best teachers. It reminds us that the desire of a skyline existence can’t happen while we’re busy complaining of the view from the first floor.

We must gain the courage to know we are worthy and able to change our position. And our perspective. If you are ready to create, enhance, or confirm your best life experience, then Wisdom in Pieces is for you. Prepare to navigate your life from the driver’s seat!

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