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Alicia T. Bowens
Alicia T. Bowens

Born in the south suburbs of Chicago, Alicia T. Bowens learned the meaning of perseverance at a very young age. Although she was an honor student and star athlete, Alicia became a teenage mother during her sophomore year of high school at the age of fifteen. However, she didn't let having a child at such a young age stop her. Alicia kept up with her classwork while she was out, and returned to school, going on to graduate on time with her peers in 1997.

Immediately after high school, Alicia went on to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, taking her then three-year old son with her. In 2001, she graduated, and soon after obtained a position in the IT industry. In 2005, Alicia went on to obtain her Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Information Systems Management from Keller Graduate School. She is currently consulting as a Project Manager.

She is an active member of the National Black MBA Association, Chicago Chapter, having served on the Executive Board and Marketing & Communications Committee from 2006-2010. She also participated in the Leaders Of Tomorrow (LOT) program, a mentoring program for high school students.

Alicia has also been involved in other teen mentoring programs, such as The Legacy Initiative and Y.Our Time Is Now (YTIN), and has done multiple speaking engagements at area high schools on college and career planning, as well as sharing her experiences of being a teenage mother. In 2010, Alicia became a certified life coach. As a life coach, it is her desire to share her experiences - both successes and failures - in an effort to empower others to achieve their goals despite the obstacles that may present themselves in life.

About the Books

L.O.V.E. for Teen Mothers

L.O.V.E. for Teen Mothers Summary

In L.O.V.E. for Teen Mothers, Alicia provides encouraging advice on overcoming the obstacles of being a teenage mom. Sharing her experiences as an example, she provides information on continuing and completing your education, developing positive parental and life habits and setting your vision in motion so that you can achieve success as a teen/young mother.

Having a child at such a young age can leave you feeling isolated, ashamed, and ready to give up. Before you throw in the towel, know that success is still possible! Journey through Alicia's experiences and discover how to go from Hopelessness to Hopeful. Put your life on a path to fulfilling your dreams and creating a poverty-free life for you and your child!

Millionaire M.O.M. Living Dreams, Transforming Lives, and Defying the Odds of Teen Motherhood (Volume 1)

Millionaire M.O.M. Summary

A collection of experiences from women who overcame the obstacles of teen motherhood and are now on their journeys of success and transforming lives.

When the stories of these dynamic mothers fall upon the right ears, it will liberate those readers from the bondage of their past and push them into their destiny.  Learn how they were able to overcome the bondage of shame, abuse, poverty, rejection, self-doubt, and more. They are mothers on a mission to not only realize their greatest selves but to help others unleash the greatness that exists in them

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