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This Month's Featured Titles

Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 2
Surviving the Storm

Front cover_Faith Failure Success

By Martha Chavez, Erika Summers, Vania Hudson, Nicole Reed, Latresa Rice and Cynda Williams

Faith, Failure, Success Vol. 2: Surviving the Storm, the second edition in the Faith Failure Success Book Series, features six talented contributors (Cynda Williams, Nicole Reed, Latresa Rice, Martha Chavez, Vania Hudson and Erika Summers) sharing their personal stories of overcoming tremendous mental, physical and life altering experiences to find life beyond their respective "storms". Poignant, heart wrenching and still inspirational, the stories will make you cheer for each woman as they continue to press forward. They remind us that no matter the storm we face, it's the faith, the mindset and the will power that brings us through it. The authors share stories of mental breakdowns, cancer battles, family challenges and much more throughout their lives. From the first chapter until the last, you'll never forget these powerful women.

Case 1988
By Justin McMullen

Justin McMullen

Soon Running Became the Answer for Everything...
Case # 1988 tells the story of Justin, who is sent to a mysterious "one-cell" prison for the remainder of his life. There, he is watched over by two guards, one of which is named Nigel, who is hellbent on keeping Justin imprisoned.

Seven years later, a strange faceless lawyer comes to the prison, offering Justin a chance to be “freed”. In order to do so, Justin must face his past and break the chains of the prison that binds his life and that he unintentionally helped create.