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Dwan Stevens
Dwan Stevens

D. Vicki is a short-story author, children’s event planner and financial professional. Inspired by her experiences as a little girl, coupled with the antics of her own daughter, D. Vicki writes the Lanie’s Lessons series, which provides kaleidoscopic tales of a young girl’s experiences.

These stories not only serve to help young girls with uncertainties or awkward moments in a colorful and lighthearted way, but a portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to charity.

When she’s not writing or tending to her businesses, D. Vicki is most likely running 13 miles or more for fun. Sometimes you might find her swimming a mile or cycling 30 miles. Maybe you’ll catch her doing all three, one after the other, as she is a triathlete.

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Lanies Lessons

Lanie's Lessons About Money Summary

Comprised of three exciting tales, Lanie learns the value of saving, the importance of good credit and earning through entrepreneurship. * Lanie's Good Name * Lanie Saves For The Day * Lanie Learns to Earn Lanie's Lessons is a series of short stories written to celebrate femininity while providing young girls valuable teachings through playful story telling. Lanie is a little girl much like many. We journey with her as she learns from colorful experiences. Many of these encounters are exciting, challenging and even disappointing at times. Lanie often looks to her friends, big sister Suzee and, more frequently, her very best friend and pup Queenie for support. She may not win every game or get her way every time, but she wins by adjusting her attitude and choosing how she reacts to her circumstances. We trust that you will see a little of yourself in Lanie. We hope that she touches you and your family in a special way. A portion of the proceeds from Lanie's Lessons is donated to support research, patients and increase awareness of Amyloidosis.

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