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Juana Wooldridge
Juana Wooldridge

Juana Wooldridge is a Dynamic professional possessing a proven track record within various environments as a Motivational Speaker, Television Spokesperson, and Published Author, Process Streamlining, Strategic Marketing, Sales Management, Contract Negotiations, and Compliance to meet key goals and drive market share within a progressive organization.

Capable and committed, Juana Wooldridge holds the power to become a character and make the audience believe. Her passion for life has taken her from her home in California to Chicago. Competitive by nature, she competed on the Speech and Debate Team at Harper College in Illinois. Her powerful command of language and reason gives her an edge as an actress. Her ability to surrender to the character and become someone else has given her a greater understanding of the human condition and a compassion for people that surpasses many strong women. Wise beyond her years, she brings understanding to characters and makes them come alive. 
As a writer, Juana Wooldridge brings an architecture of words that delight the spirit. Her need to express and her need to share bring a beauty to others as she weaves the tapestry of her thoughts into words that linger in hearts and minds.

A motivational speaker, Juana Wooldridge enchants her audiences with her own strength of character. She brings hope, inspiration and challenge to audiences. She dares them to be more than expected as she shares her story. She is a single mother with the drive to win against all odds. She encourages, cajoles, and sometimes scolds as she takes the audience on a journey to self-awareness.

Juana Wooldridge gives back. Her compassion and her sense of duty make her commit to helping others. Treasured memories of family set her feet on a path to help others. Her need to excel is matched by a need to serve her community. Juana Wooldridge is the voice of hope to people struggling and the voice of comfort to those discouraged. Juana Wooldridge is their angel. – Written by Sheryl Dolley

About the Books

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Medicine for the Soul

Getting to the Heart of the Matter Summary

A book about spiritual principles in action so that they can benefit your life. Many people use words like faith, love, and hope, but they have no clue of how to translate that into their own benefit. There are many drugs on the market to treat depression, anxiety, and a general frustration with live. However, with spiritual principles, one can change the way they interpret and respond to the stimuli around them. This book is written in a way that it can be understood by anyone. Spiritual principles are explored and broken down to give you practical and meaningful application. 

I Got Juana Back a Journey of Inspiration

I Got Juana Back Summary

Motivational speaker turned author Juana Wooldridge brings hope, inspiration, drive and determination She challenges her audience, daring them to be more than they ever expected as she shares her story. A single mother with the drive to win against all odds. She encourages, cajoles, and sometimes scolds as she takes the audience on a journey to self-awareness.

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