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ILinda Reese
ILinda Reese

ILinda has the passion to coach others to LIVE their best life. As the CHANGE ACCELERATOR and popular seminar leader for 20+ years, Reese changes lives, presenting to Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit agencies. From being a regular guest on RADIO One WZAK 93.1, TV8 to her own TV Talk show, Reese demonstrated her ability to communicate and her quick wit. Whether sharing throughout the U.S and Europe, Reese inspires hope and healing.

Author Ilinda challenges you to Change your patterns and generate a mind shift to enhance your interactions. The first by 220Communications Publishing, "If I am looking for a Prince, Why am I Still Kissing Frogs" challenges you to Stop IT.

A graduate of Ursuline College, Ilinda's study of Why we do What we do identifies root causes of gridlock and inertia. Reese's practical approaches have proven to create permanent change. Ilinda is a member of Covenant Community Church and President of A.S.I (Advance Speakers International) for the development/training of Speakers.

About the Book

If I'm Looking for a Prince, Why Am I Still Kissing Frogs?

If I'm Looking for a Prince Summary

This revealing piece of work is candidly filled with common everyday situations involving relationships and pitfalls associated with finding the right mate.  She,creates an atmosphere of empowerment while navigating through the hazards of the mating game and telling it like it is.  The book unleashes the hardcore truth behind the sex traps, loneliness and suffering.  From innocence to ignorance it supplies the how-to's of successful selection and proper maintenance of complete meaningful, relationships and lasting commitment.   "It's the type of intimate conversation between just us girls, that gives you pause yet keeps you glued to the pages"said the author.

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