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Toni Harris
Toni Harris

Toni, affectionately known as “The Turnaround Queen®”, is a passionate, dynamic and energetic speaker who encourages her audiences to take drastic steps outside of their comfort zone to achieve amazing sales results!  With only a high school diploma, Toni excelled as a financial advisor to become a six figure income earner in the worst economic times.

As a former financial advisor and sales manager, Toni consistently performed in the Top 10% of the sales force. Some of the highlights of Toni’s accomplishments are: 2013 Constant Contact Solution Provider Rookie of the Year, Over 10 years sales experience, managed accounts for over 1,000 clients and $50 million in assets, five time conference qualifier earning trips to Hawaii; British Columbia; Puerto Rico; Arizona and Bahamas.  Co-Managed a sales team with over 35 advisors for two years, highest one-time sale $983,817 variable annuity. In 2012, Toni earned her B.S. in Business Management with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Phoenix where she was the commencement speaker in front of 10,000 people! She is currently working on her Masters in Adult Education and Training Toni recently released a book, Sometimes You Have to Take a Drastic Step to Turn Your Life Around – a compilation book of phenomenal stories of how they took drastic steps and transcended obstacles to turn their lives around.

Personally, Toni has fought and won the weight loss battle. In fact, she actually weighed over 240 pounds twice! However, she took some drastic steps to lose the weight and has kept it off for over 9 years! In 2012, Toni took a drastic step and left her lucrative financial sales career to care for her husband as he battled cancer. After losing her husband, she is now taking her own drastic steps to reinvent herself, reclaim her life and inspire others to greatness!

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Sometimes You Have to Take a Drastic Step to Turn Your Life Around

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Whether it's reaching your personal goals such as improving your health or Relationship/Professional goals such as starting a business or finding your passion or your financial goals like earning the income you desire, or recovering from financial setback, Toni's message is for you! Toni and her contributors will show you how to take the necessary steps to kick your comfort zone to the curb and turn your life around personally, professionally and financially to live the life you imagined! Toni's signature program is about how in life to achieve goals you have to step outside of your comfort zone and take drastic steps. She personally took several drastic steps including starting a career as a financial advisor with no formal education or experience to earn a six-figure income. She also lost over 90 lbs. regained the weight and took a drastic step to have gastric bypass surgery where she has kept off 100 lbs. for over seven years.

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