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Brett T Brown
Brett T Brown

Brett T. Brown wrote his first story at the age of 10. At 16, Cleveland, OH author-illustrator carried that urge into his teen years producing Haley's Comet. Some of the book is fictional, while some parts directly or partially relate to his life. "It's almost like a biography of someone else, but you feel like you've lived part of their life."

The wise beyond his years author offers advice to other budding writers. "I know a lot of kids who are excellent in my view at sports, writing, art, but not enough confidence. When I wrote my first book, my mom noticed. She was immediately impressed, and she always urged me to keep writing. Since middle school, I've had the pleasure of having English teachers who have seen my writing, and they've acknowledged it and encourage me to keep writing. If you want to write, go for it! Don't just blend into the background, spread the word. There are too many good young writers in the world that haven't been discovered. Do everything you can do to get your work out there. We're kids, we'll always have things to say and write about. Like I said before, this is the best time of our lives!

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Haley's Comet

Haley's Comet Summary

Haley’s Comet is about a 12-year-old girl who moves to a new town with her mom after her parents divorce, experiences bullying by a mean clique at her new school, and battles with Aliens to save her world. Although, the book has subtle mentions of adversity, the book is not dark or depressing. The outcome of all of the unfortunate events is that Haley gains popularity at her new school, a new BFF, popularity around the world; and her parents get back together.

Haley’s Comet examines what some kids go through in their everyday lives touching on many themes teens and pre-teens experience, including moving to a new neighborhood, relationships with parents and siblings and even bullying.

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