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Jodine Basterash
Jodine Basterash

Jodine Basterash is one of many hats. She is a domestic violence survivor, speaker, activist, advocate, author, model and actress. As a survivor she understands the vicious cycle and impact of domestic violence and is a firm believer that we have the power within ourselves to rise above our past and create the life we choose. Her story is proof that it’s never too late for a new beginning.

Jodine has developed an expertise on domestic and dating abuse not only through numerous trainings & certifications, but through her personal experiences of being a victim for 14 years. By using tact and compelling stories of real-life examples, Jodine provides insight, strength, encouragement, and hope.

Ms. Basterash sits on the Survivors Leadership Advisory Council board for three domestic violence organizations and has been in great demand speaking and advocating in various arenas sharing her life story and bringing awareness. She has spoken at two press conferences regarding domestic violence with the Governor of Wisconsin and at the Department of Justice Annual Training Conferences with attendees ranging from law enforcement, FBI, judiciary, attorneys, educators, licensed social workers, therapists and counselors, as well as advocates.

As a growing renowned advocate and activist for domestic violence awareness, Jodine has achieved extraordinary success in numerous arenas including awards and recognitions for her courage and determination to educate the public regarding domestic violence. She was one of eleven people in the entire state of Wisconsin selected to attend in a year long domestic violence awareness leadership academy. She shares a dynamic message of having the courage to shine through adversity and the unlimited power of choice in our lives. She has been sought out as a positive example of how we do not have to be products of our circumstances.

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Speak Your Peace - Healing Is Your Choice

Speak Your Peace Summary

Speak Your Peace is a remarkable collection of stories that are raw, uncut and sometimes horrific first person accounts of incidents in the lives of these brave individuals. We feel we honor them by keeping their stories real and unrelenting to put a true face on both the physical and psychological effects of domestic violence. Told from the point of view of a number of affected individuals the book not only tells the story but gives you tips on how to spot a potential abuser and provides contact information on support organizations nationally. Jodine Basterash of Masterpiece Publishing has coordinated the stories from over 10 different contributors (some names were changed or withheld due to the sensitive nature of the material).

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